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Making a commitment to your doll isn't easy, but worth it

Doll Care Doll Philosophy

As other posts, I’ll establish now that I’m referring to the male owner and female doll relationship as a place holder, but I mean, ANYone with ANY doll. It’s just easier to pick an example relationship that applies to all.

I’ve been very fortunate, even more so recently, to have access to many dolls through the DollBanger project. I’ve become friends with the crew at Sex Doll Canada and Sex Doll America, along with doll designer Mizuwali and the team at Doll4ever. The project has given me access to dolls for photography, as well as shooting full sex content for social and the members website. I was always intrigued by dolls, but once I had my first doll experiences (read about those here and here), and learned how to properly handle them, and understand them both mechanically and philosophically, I completely fell in love with dolls. I’ve commented on this in other posts, so to be extra clear again - dolls are NOT real people, nor do they REPLACE real people. They are sex dolls. They are beautifully designed, skillfully sculptured, pretty, sexy and completely fun works of absolute art. And, you can have sex with them. And the sex is fun. I love dolls. I love to take doll photos, I love to cosplay them with cute outfits, I even go as far to give them dialogue and personality for the sex videos. This is what makes them so much fun, for me at least. All doll owners have reasons to love dolls. And, it’s that love of dolls that motivates a good doll owner to maintain their doll.

It’s not easy. It’s a commitment.

It’s heart-breaking to see a doll that has not been well cared for. I’ve had a couple dolls come to the studio for content that were previously purchased and returned. They’ve often been damaged by poor storage technique, not giving the doll a good bath, oil and powder regularly, skin stained by clothing carelessly left on the doll for long periods, tears that were never repaired, the list goes on. I suppose that if you love dolls, and you have the disposable income to replace your dolls every 6 months, there’s no reason to maintain them carefully. But, if I had to guess, most of these poor dolls in sad condition ended up that way because they were neglected. I realize that’s a very human word I’m using, but as I’ve said many times, I know I have a view of dolls not everyone shares. But whether through financial excess or lazy neglect, it always makes me sad to see a dirty, damaged otherwise unkept doll. I’d give them all a home, and daily hugs and kisses, but as things go, I can’t save the world, I can only do my best.

Being a doll owner, the way I see it, means you accept the responsibilities of owning a doll, or dolls. Even if you have time and money, or don’t care enough about your dolls to maintain them, you can still do the basics and give your doll her best chance to make you or someone else happy. A well-maintained, clean, repaired and well-stored doll can be kept for a longer time, or can be sold to someone else who would really love that doll for a long time. It’s not for me to judge other’s modes and methods, but it seems such a waste to let a doll go into disrepair, unkept and un-loved.

Small efforts

After some time and practice, I have the doll cleaning process down to about an hour. This is a basic cleaning, powdering, drying and storing work-flow. This is what I do after I’ve shot a short Twitter video, or just fucked Phoebe because she’s cute. When I shoot a full scene, or prepare a doll to be sold, that’s a different story. That process takes 3 - 4 hours. But, the quicker version is sufficient to really extend the quality of your doll’s life. The short cleaning includes vaginal and anal flushing with anti-bacterial soap, outer washing and powdering where needed, and drying her completely inside. That is VERY important. Afterward, I store her in her micro-fibre blanket, standing up or laying down (on a thick foam pad - also very important), and give her hugs and kisses every day. Admittedly that last part isn’t necessary, but my favourite part of daily doll maintenance.

Just small efforts like that will keep your doll looking like new for years. Repairs are a different matter, but equally important. A scratch can become a tear, that can become a split. A stain can become permanent if left or ignored. It’s so easy to avoid with just a little effort, but so often, this doesn’t happen. It’s a shame.

Big rewards

If you’re not the type of person to fantasize about a doll’s personality, dress her a certain way, keep her consistent, imagine the sound of her voice if she had one, then you’re not likely to really enjoy dolls. But, if you invest the time and effort into caring for your doll, keeping her clean, repaired and well maintained, you’ll get so much more out of your doll. There’s a reason you see many social media profiles of dolls that travel, go on adventures and have a rich life at the side of their owners. I remember reading a lot of comments, or hearing them in videos, of people saying things like, “Sex doll owners are pathetic” when I was originally researching dolls. I didn’t really know how to respond back then, but my response now is, “That’s wrong.” Simple. A lot of doll owners I’ve met since, are just people like me, with a VERY vivid imagination and the capacity to have fun with a doll. Sure, there are some doll owners who might have bought a doll to replace women or relationships. There are always edge-cases, but many, like me, just love dolls and love the whole idea of them. We’re able to fit that together with our regular lives involving other people. It’s such an odd prejudice. But for those like me, the doll is an enrichment to life. I love every hug, kiss, bumm slap and boob tickle I’ve experienced with all the dolls. It makes every day better.

Love your doll. But, if you can’t accept that and your doll is only for masturbation, then… fair enough. Seems like a hell of an investment for just jerking off. But even so, just taking care of your doll makes so much more sense. I guess the same people who don’t keep their dolls clean and healthy, are the same people with grimy bathrooms, messy bedrooms and dirty dishes everywhere. I don’t get it, but okay. I just don’t know how you can look at a beautiful doll and neglect her. She can give you so much joy, if you just help her a little.

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