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My (unsolicited) advice for those interested in creating doll content Part 2

In my Advice for content part 1, I summarized a few techniques for improving your content. In these subsequent posts, I'll try to drill down on single aspects to expand on them in more detail. In this post, I'm going to talk about two things, because they're closely related: doll poses, and camera angles.

NOTE: for ease-of-typing, I'll use the guy with girl doll set up in my examples, but this applies to anyone with any doll.

Doll Pose (with Caveats)

This is, the single biggest flaw in doll content, by far, period, in my opinion. But, I'll have to caveat that statement heavily, because as with human porn, this rule can be easily un-proven. I've seen people make awful looking content, doll and human, and get a SHIT-TON of views, comments, likes, follows and financial support. That disproves my statement and makes it immediately worthless.

End of point. Thanks for reading, you can skip to the camera angle section.

Doll Pose (no Caveats)

Okay, you could have stopped at the point above and went straight to the camera angles, and that would have been perfectly fine. If you kept reading, lets talk about poses. They ARE important, UNLESS you just want to hope to get lucky. While poor quality doesn't have a negative affect on all content creator's works, from a professional point of view, you still want your content to be strong. So lets talk poses.

To understand the importance, look at the doll maker's product photography. Piper Dolls, WM Dolls, Starpery, Sanhui, they all pose the dolls in a very subtle human way for photos and videos. They know this rule very well. Same goes for your content. Those images are usually what's considered beauty photography. That's different from doll porn imagery, but it follows the same rules:

Keep the pose natural

Look at real girls for reference

Pose the eyes correctly

Open her up for the camera

Use lots of bends in your poses

Avoid the 1000-meter stare

Don't pose her like a dead body

I could go on, but I think you get the idea. Think about how a girl who WANTS to have sex with you would act. How would she sit on the edge of the bed? How would she look at you? How does she balance her weight? Is her head tilted or straight? Is she staring directly at you, or looking a little from the side? Here's a really simple, but great way to see the difference. Here's a factory photo of the Piper Doll Eirian 150 TPE, followed by a couple of the beauty photos. Notice the differences.

She really comes alive in the last 2. Same doll. That's so important to creating great doll content. That said, here are some of the doll shots from DollBanger videos. I'll use sexy Akira as the example. Notice she looks natural, comfortable, involved and "real".

Notice her eyes looking toward me, the arch in her back, her hands on my legs and the slight difference in the height of her knees.

Again, her eyes are posed, her head is up a little and toward camera, her back is slightly arched (not broken, just bent), her butt is in the air and her feet are slightly crossed in a more girly pose.

Here, she looks like she's comfortable, laying back to enjoy pussy kisses. Here eyes are slightly up and forward (looking down in this pose would be weird), her head is slightly forward, her arms are posed gently behind her head, her back is arched, her tits are pointing up, and her legs are open in a very girly pose.

Here, she's posed for sex. Her ass is up in the air like she's ready for it, her back is slightly arched to emphasize her curves and tits, the penetration is visible to the camera (more about that in camera angles below), but also note all the little curves and bends in her legs, shoulders, she's holding the edge of the table ready to take it and she looks sexy and involved, not just laying there like a dead body.

Finally, the money shot. Her back is arched and her tits are out like she's offering them for the cum shot. She's looking up at me, and her arms are pushing her tits together like she's making sure she gets cum on them. It helps communicate that she's involved and wants it, versus a peice of furniture I'm masturbating on. Huge difference in how the scene looks and feels.

Aki is VERY sexy and doesn't need my help, but she does need me to get her in a natural position so she can be her cute, sexy self.

This can be acheived easily with just a little planning. As I said in my first post, it's really important to FIRST pose the doll for sex and to look natural and sexy, and SECOND for you to adjust yourself to match her. So often I see people pose the doll to be easy to fuck, and that NEVER looks natural. They look like dead bodies being inappropriately fondled. It's a little extra work, but worth it to really elevate the quality of your content.

Camera Angles

I'll use footage from Ariel to discuss camera angles, now that we've had some fun with Akira. On a side note, Akira, Ariel, Eirian, Phoebe, Risako, frankly all the cute dolls I've had the pleasure to fuck so far are what make this project so much fun. A male sex toy isn't cute. It can't be awkward and sexy, or girly. A doll however, can be all that and more. Shooting real girl porn is so much easier and enjoyable in many ways, but there's nothing quite like being able to create a personality for a doll through creative shooting and editing. Its so much more work, but so much fun in the end.

Camera angles, like poses, are really important for your content aesthetic. You can communicate the action so much more with a couple simple techniques. A little effort goes a long way here. The basic principles are:

Keep the doll as the main focus of your composition

Make sure the doll is 80% (or more) of your video frame (note some exceptions below)

Leave a little space around the doll in your frame so you can see her pose

Open her up to the camera for penetration

Shoot from medium to low heights

In these examples of super-cute Ariel, you'll see the same/similar poses as above, but I'll highlight the camera work and it's benefits.

This shot doesn't strictly use the 80% rule for her, but she is the central focus for the camera. The camera is at a medium height, and the space around her shows the environment of the shoot. This is okay for non sex shots - you'll see the differences in those.

Same thing here, but at a three quarter view. Note the camera is lower, but all else is the same. The low angle really emphasizes those perky tits.

Again, same as before, but I want to be sure to show her in the frame, not JUST her awesome bumm. You can see her feet and her head and arms at the edges of the frame. I want it to be clear she's in the laying position over my lap.

Here's a nice angle that shows her curves and frames her as the most important part of the frame, while allowing the viewer to see her body, but also see that she's getting her pussy kissed. The camera is just high enough to see her nose and cheeks, but still low enough to emphasize her sexy curves.

Here, the camera is at medium height with her head and boobs in the center of frame. There's space around her for context, but she's the focus. The camera is angled just enough to see both her eyes looking up.

At this point, I think its clear what I'm emphasizing. Note the following images, that she's open to the camera for penetration, the camera is a little angled to show off her curves, with a little head space and room around her so the bed and room are visible for context, but she's most of the frame. Basically, it's visual "geometry".

Another thing to note is that once the sex begins, I'm in the frame, but only as much as the camera requires to see that a person is fucking her. It's balanced.

Hopefully, all of that makes visual sense. When you combine good poses with good camera work, your content can go from amateur to pro, with a little extra effort. We haven't discussed lights and props in detail yet, but I'll save that for the next post in this series. Also feel free to comment below or on Twitter if you have questions or comments.

Happy Doll Banging!

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