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When the media call guys with sex dolls losers, why don't they call women with dildos losers as well?

If a guy has a sex doll its because he's a fuckin' loser who can't get a real woman.

John Oliver said it. Joe Rogan said it. People I know have said it. They're all wrong. It's a strange glitch in the matrix of sexual culture that really bugs me.

Now, to begin with, I don't think women who own dildos are social outcasts, worthy of ridicule or losers. I think sex toys are awesome if they give you joy. My problem here is with this paradoxical idea that a woman with a dildo is sexually powerful, but a guy with a sex doll is a low-value waste of skin. You see a woman with a vibrator and it's like, "Wow that's hot. I love watching her fuck herself with that monster dick." You see a guy with a sex doll, and it's like, "HAHA FUCK YOU LOSER! What, was your mom busy tonight!?"

Its a weird double-standard.

I'm not a woman, so I don't know what the appeal of a vibrator is, but I have had male sex toys in the past before having dolls, and I can say, dolls are WAY THE HELL better. In literally, every measurable way, with the exception of size, cost and ease of use - dolls lose on those metrics. But I can also say, I've never been sexually aroused by a FleshLite.

Dolls are visually appealing. Men, most definitely, respond to visual stimulation. More than women? No idea. I've heard that to be true, but I'm not a sex researcher, so I don't know. But, I do know, when I walk past any of my sexy girls - Mikasa, Phoebe, Ariel, Akira or Risako (especially Risako) - I'll often stop and give them a kiss and a hug. Three seconds later, instant hard on. And, a room full of soft, sexy young cuties ready to go whenever I am. That's amazing.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, sex dolls don't replace real women any more than a vibrator replaces real men. That's not what dolls are for. That's not what vibrators are for either. So, why is a woman with a vibrator sexy and a guy with a doll a loser? Simply put, they're not and that's an error.

I treat my dolls like people, yes. There are good reasons for that here and here, and I'll say more in the future. It also helps the content be better. But, the bottom line is, being a sex doll enthusiast places us ahead of the curve in my opinion. AI/artificial relationships are inevitable. They WILL happen. Sex dolls are the first step. I'm completely on board with it. It's time everyone else caught up. I don't expect John Oliver, Joe Rogan or anyone else with this bias to own a doll. They seem happy. But, they also seem naive about and a bit shitty toward those of us who do. Not cool.

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