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Why is DollBanger content now FREE?

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Webhosting is NOT free.

Video streaming is NOT free.

Dolls are NOT free.

Creating content is NOT free.

Not even the URL is free.

But now, all free.

As a content creator, like any other content creator, I have been through the three phases of content development on this and other projects. It goes something like this:

Phase 1: Think to myself, "I'm going to make this awesome content, and when people see it, they're going to lose their collective minds and hit my shit by the millions. I'll make a shit ton of money!"

Phase 2: When literally no one looks at my shit, I think to myself, "Oh fuck. It's a conspiracy. Brazzers, or whoever, made everyone ignore my shit somehow so they can corner the doll porn market too. Those Muther Fuckers!"

Phase 3: When people slowly start to look at my stuff after it's been up a few months, I think, "Oh, okay... I was wrong about all that."

It turns out, it's just really hard to get people to see your stuff, and when they do, there's an almost 0% chance they'll pay for it. Pornhub is 100% to blame for this - a well-known and accepted reality among porn producers everywhere - but as the saying goes, that ship has long since sailed. There are porn sites that make money, yes. There are porn stars who are well paid, yes. But, that's a handful, not the majority of sites and performers. There are also lots of people who will, in fact, pay for porn, yes. However, again thanks to Pornhub (who own Brazzers and all their sister sites, if you didn't know that already), people who pay for porn, generally, don't support small market producers. They're too accustomed to having 100s of thousands of free scenes, so unless you're their favourite porn star, or a site with 100,000+ scenes and daily updates, your chance of getting them to spend their porn dollars on your content is slim. As a producer without some type of financial backing, it's not possible to meet that standard. So, if you imagined there were lots of members dropping $1000s a month on, you'd be very wrong.

Now, it's not like we've never had paying members. We have. The scene views on the site aren't faked. But in the long run, we were never expecting a lot of membership money to flow in. We want the content to generate revenue, yes, but members pulling out their credit cards on a doll porn site was never going to pay the rent and bills. We used the pay wall for a few reasons, some of which were to test the market: maybe a segment of porn enthusiasts would have a taste for something new. To control costs: if members have to pay to stream a 45 minute 4K video, that money can be used to offset the cost of video hosting and streaming. To get support: maybe doll lovers would get excited and be willing to support it through paying for the content. But, again, none of those things were going to be homeruns. It's frusrtating to see other producers publish content and just seem to "win at life" with every new video upload. But, knowing what I know now, I realize how rare that is.

Getting members to pay for the content is only one possible strategy. Another is to get advertisers to pay for it. We've had a great relationship so far with Doll House 168, Doll Forever and Piper Dolls. They are not advertisers (at the time I'm writing this), they don't pay us anything and the dolls are not free to us. But, they shared their brand assets with us, and we have reviewed their dolls, promoted them heavily and shared creative and technical knowledge. We're talking to SE Doll now (at the time of this post), who are sending us a doll and have offered to work with our vendor partners Sex Doll America (SDA) and Sex Doll Canada (SDC) on member deals - so, those are really good starts. However, they're not paying the bills (yet).

We have the promo code "dollbanger" activated through SDA and SDC, so anyone can get a deal on dolls and accessories. But with the new free mode, and makers like Piper and SE Dolls, we hope that we can really give doll enthusiasts deals they really want. So, advertisements and doll sales are important elements of the Doll Banger project and it's future success. For now, however, those costs I mentioned early in this article are on me and SDA/SDC. But if money was the only motivation, likely would not exist. That's why its free.

As a content creator, I love to tell a story. As a porn content creator as well, I love to make great porn. is a good idea. Our method for bringing the doll personality into the scene works well. Our knowledge of how to light, shoot and edit porn really helps our content stand alone. Big porn companies have tried to do it - they failed. Pornhub tried to do it - they failed. They failed, in my opinion, because they didn't really love dolls. We really love dolls. It shows in the content and from the support of our followers. That's why it's free. Eventually, even soon, the content will have to start paying for itself, or like any other venture, it can't continue. We know from experience, even our biggest supporters won't support us financially. But... we love dolls, and we love the content. We want doll and porn lovers to enjoy it. is FREE.

You're welcome.

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