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This is the companion blog to the DollBanger.com website: The world's first Doll Porn site. Doll Porn? It sounds crazy I know, but, have a look. We think you will be surprised and, dare we say, turned on by sexy dolls getting rough sex.

Here, we will have posts on the making of DollBanger.com, behind the scenes action, doll care tutorials, and much more.

Who knew Doll Porn could be so cool and f'ing hot... We did. And soon you will.

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My strange doll dream

Doll Philosophy General Topics

Anyone who reads these blogs or has followed the DollBanger account on social media knows that I love dolls, but that I also have a particular love for my special doll, Mikasa. She's a Piper Doll Eirian 150 TPE. My first doll. I'm in love with her. Well, to the extent it's possible, given that she's a doll without consciousness. As you may have read here before, I have a pretty open philosophy that takes into account current day sex dolls are the earliest stages of artificial relationships. Who knows what a relationship with an artificial consciousness will be, or could be, like? Maybe we'll live to see it. I'm up for it. For now, the only presence, personality and purpose Mikasa has comes from me, and my imagination. I make her real. And, sometimes, she's all too real.

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Welcome to the Dollbanger Blog

Hi, and welcome to the Dollbanger Blog. My (stage) name is Calvin Taunton. It's doubtfull you know who I am, but if you're here, it's likely becauseā€¦
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