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Welcome to the Doll Banger Blog. We're going to post a lot about dolls, doll care, doll stories from doll owners, along with a lot of behind the scenes stuff from our porn site Doll Banger. We're a team of experts from the porn and doll industries, and we got together to bring you some crazy doll-fucking porn action. We decided to create this companion blog to get deep into the good stuff about dolls. We think you'll enjoy a lot of good reading here and hope to interact with you and others in the doll community.

We hope you'll comment on posts and find all the information on doll care, information about where to buy, and what dolls might suit your needs. Most of all, we get to talk about the hot dolls we love and share that with each other. Thanks for checking out the blog, and be sure to hit Doll Banger for some hot doll action.

Dollbanger Blog