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How the same doll model becomes a different doll when truly loved

One of the things that we labour to do on is to give each of the dolls a unique personality. Well, to the extent that it's possible to do so, we try. The doll can't move on her own, she can't speak, or giggle or do any of the things we think of when we imagine a doll coming to life. And yet, to a limited degree, the personality can come through in photos and videos. For the videos we create, the dialogue bubbles are the most substantial element for this. But for every day doll owners, how do the exact same dolls transform into unique girlfriends? I believe a lot of separate factors contribute to this, but mostly it seems to be the love of the owner for his doll. Or said another way, perhaps she transforms for him, because of the love she is shown.

As of this writing, I have an Akira B-cup on order. She will appear as a dollstar on the website, and I'm also planning to buy her for my very small personal collection. When complete, I will own three Piper Dolls: 150 TPE Eirian (Mikasa), 160cm TPE Risako and the aforementioned 150 TPE Akira b-cup. As such, and since she is so popular a doll, I'll begin by talking about Akira and her shifting social media personalities.

Doll Owner: きょーたろー (Kyoutaro)
Doll: Akira D-Cup
Twitter: @kyoutaro_3
IG: kyoutaro_3

*This Akira doll and the photos of her are property of Kyoutaro. This photo and the banner image are used with his permission.

Kyoutaro's Akira Doll is possibly the sexiest Akira in photos I've seen. His language is Japanese, so from his posts I'm not certain if he has a special name for her, or if he calls her simply, Akira. He has the d-cup model, so there's a slight body design difference between her and the other b-cup examples I will show in this article. As a fellow photographer, I like his photographic style on it's own merits. His photos are beautiful. But, his Akira is also unique. Her poses and expressions seem to indicate a very distinct personality. His Akira seems to be confident in her sex appeal. She is aware that every one who sees her falls in love with her. Her expressions seem to communicate that she knows about, and welcomes, the attention she gets, especially when she's naked. She is sometimes fully clothed, but often she appears in various states of undressed. Often, completely naked. That is when she is the most irresistible. She's so pretty and fun.

Doll Owner: Val Di Mir
Doll: Akira B-Cup
Twitter: @Val_Di_Mir_01

*This Akira doll and the photo of her are property of Val Di Mir. This photo and the banner image are used with his permission.

This is Anya. I like Anya a lot. Her boyfriend Val waited a long time for her arrival. When she finally came home, he was clearly excited. She immediately started being playful on her first day home. She told Val she needed to take a nap, and she slept wearing one of Val's t-shirts, but stuck her cute naked butt out for Val to see. She knew it would make him crazy. That, is Anya. She is sweet, she loves snacks and relaxing at home while Val tends to all her needs. Val is a special kind of doll owner. It's possible he loves dolls even more than I do. And, he loves Anya very much. It is that love and attention that gives her such a unique personality among Akira dolls. Val and I have never met in person, but I imagine a visit to his home would involve some food, a long talk about life and about dolls, and the entire visit, Anya would be asking questions...

"Who is your favourite doll?"

"Why do they call you Doll Banger?"

"Val, do we have any more fruit?"

She is a very cute Akira doll, and even though Val does not post many photos of her, she is also a very sexy and playful companion. Anya is a one of a kind Akira model, and one of my favourite Akiras.

Doll Owner: Akira39094631
Doll: Akira B-Cup
Twitter: @Akira39094631

*This Akira doll and the photo of her are property of Akira39094631. This photo and the banner image are used with his permission.

Akira39094631 takes photos of his Akira b-cup, only occasionally - he owns more than one, but I'll refer to them as singular for this article. He also has photography experience (or, it appears so from his photos at least) so his images are great, but again, it's the unique personality of his Akira that is worth discussing. His Akira is a mixture of innocence about, and very knowing about, her sexual appeal. Sometimes, she just dresses in a cute outfit to look good. Even though she is not trying to get your attention, you find yourself looking at her, and you see the top of her sexy thighs under her short skirt. Or you see just a little cleavage from her perfect B cups, peeking out from her sporty top. While, other times, you may get lucky and catch a glimpse of her in lingerie, getting ready for bed. She acts coy, but she knows you're looking at her, peeking down her top or checking out her ass when she walks by. She doesn't make a fuss about it, but makes you suffer with desire while she smiles to herself and lifts her skirt just a little higher. When she catches you looking, she just shrugs her shoulders, makes a funny face and says, "What?" She knows exactly what. She's just torturing you for fun. She's a very cute and dangerously sexy Akira.

Of course, this isn't only an Akira phenomenon. Just by photo examples, here are a couple comparisons of two of my other favourite dolls.

Piper Dolls, Risako

I love Piper Dolls, and Risako is a GREAT doll. I'd recommend her to literally, anyone looking for their first doll. Here is a difference of photography, and photographers, to just demonstrate that this change isn't always about emotional infusion. It's often as simple as a pose, a gesture, a little light. Suddenly, the same doll is again, transformed. Here are three photos of nearly the same pose, and yet, they are such different versions of the same doll. All sexy, all a little different. All, Risako.

*The left photo belongs to amazing doll photographer and enthusiast 天の舞 零番 (on Twitter: @amayo_maina01) used with permission, the center photo was taken by the doll designer and my friend Mizuwali (on Twitter: @mizuwali), owner and designer, Piper Dolls. The right photo is one of ours.

Doll House 168, Marie

Another of my favourite dolls is Marie. Of all the dolls we've shot content with, including my own Mikasa, I was most excited about fucking Marie. She is heavenly. Young, perky and ready for a day on the beach. When she gets home after, suddenly her bikini comes off, she sits on top of you naked and whispers in your ear, "I'm hot from the sun. Let's fuck." She's awesome. As above, here are 3 simple photos showing the many ways Marie can transform into a unique doll with personality.

*The left photo and doll is owned by well-known doll enthusiast and as much a fan of Marie as I am, Lord Torack (Twitter: @JohnEmpowered) used with permission. Middle photo is again by Doll House 168 designer Mizuwali, and the third image is ours.

The above two examples could be argued as only demonstrating the difference in photographic properties, but I don't think that's the whole story. While only an opinion, I believe the way a doll owner sees his doll has a very great impact on how others will see her as well. Same doll. Identical, and yet, very different.

These doll transformations are the most interesting thing about the doll culture I've been a small part of, for only a couple short years. The diversity of doll personalities based on how they are cared for and treated - and indeed loved - by their human mates speaks a lot to how modern dolls are evolutionary stepping stones to the coming reality of non-human companionship. Doll developers and AI engineers will certainly learn from current day doll owners about what qualities are important in the coming singularity. Who knows what wonders will emerge? I'm all in. The idea that an intelligent, sexy and custom-designed sexual partner - indeed, life partner - will be a reality, possibly in my lifetime, is very interesting to me. I'm willing to dive into the paradox and experience love and dedication of a new type. The philosophical side of that discussion is even more interesting, but too deep and too large to be briefly commented on - another post, or posts, perhaps will follow.

Comment below, or post on Twitter and tag us - who's your special girl, and what makes her unique?

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