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The right and WRONG way to think about dolls and the "age" they represent

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In a recent update from "The Doll Forum" (TDF) administrators regarding community guidelines, they announced that a series of dolls have been "banned" from the forum. They go as far to remove images of the dolls from posts that users and community members have posted. Even more, they stipulate that "this rule can not be discussed on the forum". Okay... so that's a pretty bold and oppresive statement, but fine. We'll skip that altogether.

The ban against certain dolls goes to the appearance of the dolls, particularly how young the dolls look. Any sex dolls that have an adolescent appearance offend the rule and are banned. I agree with this standard, of course. There are dolls made by some manufacturers that are clearly meant to appear as children. These dolls have sexual openings and are meant to be used in a sexual way. There's a whole discussion that could be had about what a doll is, and whether that has a moral component. I'll make the argument that I agree with them, and that a doll that represents a child is wrong. It's wrong because we agree it's wrong. Not because nature has anything to say about it. It doesn't. But, we as a society of people say, "Of course not. You should not view children as objects of sexual desire." I'm 100%, as I imagine most people are, in agreement with that distinction. This includes dolls. There may be a reasonable non-sexual relationship that could be had with a doll like this, but that is a deeply philosophical discussion that I'm not qualified to lead. I agree that child dolls for sex are clearly a problem. We shouldn't have them, or make them.

Reputable and respected doll manufacturers also agree with this. They don't make dolls that are meant to appear as children for the purpose of sex. This includes Mizuali and his company Piper Dolls, a friend and business partner of Our original dollstars are comprised mostly of dolls designed by Mizuali. I am a huge fan of his Piper dolls in particular. My personal doll, Dollbanger's girlfriend doll, Mikasa, is a Piper Dolls Eirian. She's a very beautiful doll, and her features are appealing on many levels. Her boobs and her ass are magical and her face is deeply pretty. I love her design. This is Mizuali's strength as a sculptor and designer - finding an expression of conventional beauty, but translating it into a fantasy of beauty. I love all the dolls he's designed.

That brings me to the substance of this article - the banning of some Piper dolls, including Akira and Risako. Two of Mizuali's best designs in my opinion, equal in beauty to Eirian. In particular, the Akira design with modest B-cup breasts. This doll may be the singular most beautiful, natural and appealing doll out there in the TPE market. The body line of Akira stands out as a subtle statement among so many other dolls with wildly exaggerated features. By contrast, Risako has wonderfully large breasts, but her design is equally exquisite. The breasts suit her perfectly, as her body line is more full, ample and buxom. These doll bodies resemble the bodies of young, beautiful women. The issue for TDF, apparently, is the facial appearance of these dolls. They say, these dolls look like children. I say... what in the actual FUCK are you talking about, TDF?

Imagine, an art gallery filled with great works of art by various artists. Different styles, many colours and abstractions. Now, imagine a group of people with no art training making the decision that these many works are NOT art, because they do not appeal to them personally. This would be a very stupid approach to currating the gallery's works. This is the same issue with TDF's strange selection of banned dolls. Piper is not the only doll maker who's dolls were banned, but since they are my favourite dolls, I'll use them for demonstration of the problem.

Lets begin by discussing small dolls. All the designers make a selection of dolls at different sizes. Some dolls are made smaller in height, like 100cm. In this case, the majority of these dolls are miniaturized versions of larger dolls, or they are unique dolls made smaller. The feaures of the dolls are still mature features - large breasts, round asses and hips - but are simply smaller. Doll buyers often prefer these dolls as a matter of weight, space and ease of use. Large dolls are heavy. They are difficult to move around and sometimes more challenging to have sex with depending the size and strength of the person interacting with them. But, these smaller dolls are NOT designed to appear as children. The administrators of TDF know this as well.

So, lets get to the heart of the matter - the doll face. TDF believes, among other dolls too, that Akira and Risako, "look like children". This is an opinion, just like the opinion that spinach tastes terrible. The problem, however, is that this opinion isn't based on anything more than personal bias. That's fine, but when you impose that bias on a community of people for whom these dolls are important, you just made a stupid decision.

The art of these dolls is the fantasy quality of the doll's individual beauty. Yes, young is part of the appeal. The most popular pornstars are often the 18-20 year old girls for a reason. We are naturally conditioned by evolution to like youthful beauty. In the case of Akira, Risako and my doll Eirian, they appear young and beautiful. Not underaged, but young. In fact, there's a way to test this using artificial intelligence, as I did. I found a few sites that can apply AI learning to predict a person's age based on a photo. When I tested these sites with human women, it works the same as with dolls. The AI recognizes both human and doll and can report the age prediction. I tried with a human porn performer I like. I uploaded several photos of her and got one or two reports that she was 12 years old, and even 7 years old in one photo, but with an average of many photos, it most commonly reported the age as 22 - 25. This is pretty accurate - she is in her early 20s.

I uploaded several photos of Akira and Risako, and one or two photos reported 12 - 14 years old, but the majority reported 22 - 24 years old.

Many of these dolls are designed with an Eastern aesthetic. A subtle anime influence. A hint of Asian culture where young beauty is admired and expressed a certain way. This is art. This is interpretation. This is the problem with TDF's decision. They are imposing their views on art to the community. That's wrong. That's stupid. That's irresponsible.

I'm a member of the TDF community - theguyfromtoronto and Mikasa - and I'll contribute to the forum for the benefiit of other doll enthusiasts and for my own learning. But, I'll go on record as saying they've crossed a line, and fucked up large.

It's easy to distinguish between a doll that's CLEARLY meant to be a child, and all the other dolls that have a variety of artistic style to their design. is embracing these dolls and shooting content with them, not out of spite for TDF, but because they are beautiful dolls and I really REALLY want to fuck them (fun to be me, yes). TDF... stay out of my bedroom with your opinions about art. I don't agree with them, or you.

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