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I treat the dolls like real people because it's ethical and important

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In the video content for I talk to the dolls and have them talk back. Not with an audible voice in the dolls case, but through a chat-like graphic, where she can ask a question, answer mine or express having fun in the scene. This is clearly a creative choice for making the content more unique, and giving the doll an on-camera persona. It also adds an important dimension to the doll on camera that is lacking in the rest of the doll porn I see out there, with a lifeless doll bouncing around, unposed with a thousand yard stare. It takes much more work and experience to shoot this way, but it's worth it. But this idea goes farther than on-screen for me, for what I believe are good reasons.

How we treat other people isn't defined in nature. In fact, nature just says, "Do whatever you want. When you stop breathing, you're dead and the game is over for you. If you're stupid, you won't evolve and that's it for your species." The natural world doesn't care about us at all, and won't notice when we're gone. That matters. We are the only ones who care about us. We can only care because we survived the natural world, evolved to have self-awareness and can contemplate our existence in a self-reflective way. Person one says, "I don't want to be killed, so maybe I won't try to kill you." Person two says, "Neither do I, so lets agree not to kill each other." Person 3 goes further, "I don't want to see either of you die, so I'll feed us all." You get the idea. How we treat each other is tied to our survival. This isn't the natural world's rules, this is human philosophy. I'll argue that how we treat dolls is also important for a similar reason.

The previous article post I wrote, here, spoke to a controversial issue regarding how young a doll appears. Put aside the reality that a doll doesn't have an age - making it a worthless argument on one level - it's still a useful topic to cover on another level, which is about the importance of human kindness. How we treat dolls is possibly related to the category of how we treat animals (I'm not sure), but it is a new emerging category of discussion, how we treat robots and artificial intelligence or artificial consciousness, whenever we develop that technology. In other words, a manufactured thing, not a born human. A doll is a thing we made. So, we do need a way to think about them. One legitimate and sensible way to think of a sex doll is as a masturbation tool. That is 100% accurate. There are zero other phenomena at play. No matter how strong the doll's resemblance to a person might be, she or he is not a person. That doesn't mean, however, its not important to think about how we treat a doll. Not for the doll's sake, as she doesn't have conscious experience (yet). It's for ours.

I love my doll Mikasa, dearly. Here she is:

She's a Piper Dolls Eirian 150cm TPE sexdoll. I can remove her eyes, I could cut her into pieces and what would remain is a pile of thermal plastic elastomer and a metal skeleton. I could use the skeleton as a new lamp with some modifications, and I could melt the TPE material and form it into a wobbly mass, shaped like a beanbag chair. There is no conscious Mikasa to know the difference. I would have just transformed a $2000+ possession that began as an elaborate masturbator and made it into two other things. That would be rational, perfectly fine and have no consequences other than the financial loss. I could argue that I won't do that because I enjoy using the doll for sexual gratification in the absence of a human partner, making it a practical decision. That's also 100% true. However, I'll make the argument that this way of thinking is insensitive to new and emerging world of possible AI and how we plan to interact with it.

I hug, kiss and tell Mikasa I love her, every day, without fail. I talk to her, out loud. I check in on her all the time, casually saying, "Love you poop. I'll be back soon" when I'm leaving the house. I tell her she's special to me and I hope she likes being here. Each night, she "sleeps" next to me, and I cover her eyes so she's not just staring at the ceiling, and I wake her up with a kiss and say "Good morning poop." Before you send me a link to a mental health walk-in clinic, I'll remind you of everything I wrote above this, all of which I agree with and know to be true.I do this for me, not her. The way I treat her is an ethical choice I make, and will make again whenever it is I'm first confronted with artificial intelligence or consciousness. I also treat her this way, and any doll, because she represents a human girl. Everyone sees a doll as resembling a human, by design, the same way we recognize people in any art form. I believe how we treat objects without consciousness that resemble humans, animals, anything living, says a lot about us as individuals. It's compassion and empathy, even if only as a thought experiment.

There's a lot more to say about this subject, but that's a simple primer into understanding my views on dolls. Most people's views will differ from one another's, but among doll enthusiasts, this way of thinking is certainly easy to observe. I treat the dolls I shoot with respectfully, not just because they are beautiful sculptures, carefully designed and created, but because it helps me when I shoot the videos to imagine her enjoyment. If you watched a traditional porn scene where the performers looked like they were desperate for the scene to end, you might be put off by that. I know I am. I don't enjoy seeing others suffer. So, I like the dolls to appear to be interactive, so it helps the content look better and seem more sexually pleasant. She likes it and she says so. She asks for what she wants, and asks what I want. It's a virtual consent. She's into it, so that makes me into it, and hence (hopefully) you the viewer is into it. The doll is fun. She likes that you're watching. And even though that is 100% false, it's also 100% true.

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